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Gimax srl, known company of the ceramic products for over 20 years, born and consolidated in time with the idea of being a good and serious collaborator for the ceramics industry benchmark, producing elements kit obtained from cutting tiles, such as skirting boards, steps, anti-slip steps and stepped thickness 2 cm and 3 cm. Gimax during its production activity has always believed in quality, flexibility and nella'efficienza of its services, we have also always believed in product innovation, investing every day on technological research and product development. Another strength of the family is Gimax own human capital, highly qualified and trained thoroughly within the company and constantly improving thanks to continuous updating courses.

Tecnologic innovation

We are now equipped to be present in the ceramic industry, thanks to a major renovation of our facilities, which is based on three fundamental pillars:
  • Expansion of our product range, we manufacture skirting, steps, anti-slip steps, steps shimmed 2cm and 3cm.
  • Processing of large formats, we can derive from your sub formats slabs input to deliver a finished product to adapt to your specifications.
  • The glazing in digital hot 900 ° across our product range, we believed from the very beginning to glaze hot digitally and for several years we can run alongside the classic hot enameling on all our products. With the technology of enamelling digital hot 900 °, we can return the weave of the bottom of the profiling of the beak and the subsequent firing at 900 ° guarantee excellent stability of the enamel.